Hello Everyone! I am Xamien G. Poliapoy aka DearXamien on most of my social media accounts. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Colegio San Agustin Bacolod and I'm currently on the process of reviewing for our board exam this coming November 2017. I hope you'd all pray for me. Lol!

Wetll about this blog hmmm how do I tell you this but uhmm I have been inlove with blogging ever since me and my sister discovered different blogs from different Filipino Bloggers like the Enciso sisters, Ida Anduyan, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Cha Ocampo. They were our favorite Bloggers in the country. After discovering these bloggers we started to get addicted to all their blogposts, vlogs and not to mention their instagram accounts which were absolutely feedgoals! And one more thing we love about them all is that they all have their UNIQUE taste of creating their own style which inspired us so much because me and my twins have really high insecurity level. So to all these bloggers upper mentioned, thank you for inspiring me and my sister in all the ways you could (without your knowing) and for all your great taste in fashion. Keep inspiring others and I hope you'd get to know how deeply inspired we were by your presence. I really hope I could get to see you all face to face.

And to all our readers, firm believers, new followers and soon to be followers, never get tired of pushing your dreams no matter how hard, how tiring and how helpless it will be. Always keep in mind that some people give up right before they succeed. So keep fighting and God will get you through it. xoxo

I hope all our ideas, tips, beauty matters and probably fashions could help you figure out on what you wanted to be and what you wanted to have. So to my lovies, please keep updated always! Mwaaah! Lovelots 💕 God bless you all! 🙏🏻