About US

Hello we are Xamien(left) and Xavien(right) and we are twin sisters from the Philippines. We are 20 years old and we love to blog about what we like and what we do on regular days. Though many would say that twins like the same things but when it comes to us, we differ in so many things. 

In this blog, you will get to know about us more as we share what we have learned throughout the years of our existence. We aim to inspire those who are like us who wanted to take part in this world and see what awaits them; to give hope to those who feel like they are nothing within or to those who has no confidence to start what lies ahead of 'em. 

This blog was inspired by Vern & Verniece who are also siblings and shares an extraordinary bond together. Like them, we also want to inspire everyone to come out of their  comfort zone and learn to value the life they should be living.

Have a happy read everyone and we hope you enjoy our blog! xx